Point Of Sale Software – E Pos Consulting, South Africa

Point of Sale Software, Our POS Software is designed to manage and grow your business! It offers a total solution that will improve the efficiency and performance of any business! If you need stock control, customer database, a customer loyalty program, electronic supplier invoicing and more, our point of sale has it all.


  • Notifications on hourly, daily, weekly or year sales
  • Web based(online reporting) options for better mobility
  • Automatic reporting emailing after Day End
  • Manage stock, staff and ordering
  • Reports can be generated into excel and PDF

Inventory Management

  • Goods receiving,purchase orders
  • Stock adjustment and returns
  • Automatic stock reordering based on minimum and maximum levels
  • Track best, worst or low margin products
  • Recipe features

Staff Management

  • Time and Attendance
  • Unique staff logins for better control
  • Staff performance tracking
  • Commission structure set up

Seamless Hardware Integration

  • Seamless Scales & Scanners integration
  • Robust stylish terminals
  • Digital customers displays
  • Label printing on shelf and on product

E Pos Consulting – HO Branch

If you own more than one store or if you would like to own more than one store, the software multi-shop system has the tools and features to help you. Multi-site connectivity was designed into Voyagepos as a core functionality to dramatically reduce duplicated tasks and allow growth for your business while centralizing control of daily tasks that cost time and money.


  •  Pay accounts in any shop
  •  Search shows each shop’s stock on hand
  •  Transfer stock in seconds from one shop to another
  •  Work from home by connecting into any shop
  •  Process invoices for both shops from any shop
  •  Different pricing on same items for any shop for different kinds of customers
    eg: trade pricing
  •  Order stock for other shops from any shop

Other POS Features

  • Advanced reporting
  • Web reports on the go(online reporting)
  • Specials and combo deals
  • Automated stock control
  • All payment types supported(card,cash,split tender,voucher,accounts)
  • Split bills with a click of a button
  • Remote printing to bar/kitchen/barista
  • Loyalty card management
  • Robust hardware made to last.
  • On-going training
  • Highest level of security