POS Rental, We offer flexible rental periods ranging from a day to 48 months.

POS Rental, Advantages of Renting a POS System

  • When starting up a new business, renting can help you preserve precious capital.    A medium scale POS system can run tens of thousands of Rands.  How much cash does the business generate on a monthly basis?   Are there any other expenditures coming up – such as tax bills, or advertising campaigns – that might require the business to hold on to some cash?
  • Renting can increase your purchasing power by allowing you to get a more robust system that can increase your ROI right now.   Renting a system now allows you to get more than you might otherwise be able to while still getting the equipment that you had planned for next year – maybe more terminals, or digital signage.   These purchases might make you more money right this minute.    Example – you can “make do” with four terminals right now, but you know that if you were able to add the extra terminals you really want for the back office, or the camera surveillance system you need,  your business performance would improve there as well.
  • Spreading the cost of the POS system over time, and matching costs more closely to the benefits you receive.   Why dump a bunch of money into a system right now, when the benefits come every day for years?
  • Constant rate financing.  Unlike a bank line of credit, which can vary  based on the Reserve bank interest rates, the rental  rate you negotiate will usually be constant  for the term of the  Rental period.    With interest rates fluctuating and set to rise over the next couple years, this could be the best time to lock in a rate.
  • Multiple options generally exist for the end of a lease – these can include the return of the equipment, the outright purchase of the equipment , or lease renewals.  These offer more flexibility than simply writing a check now for a full system.
  • Renting allows the business to keep pace with the latest technology and avoid a capital outlay on depreciating equipment, while ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency

“….Simply put, pay as you use is more beneficial to any store owner”